Monday, August 6, 2018


This book is an original creation a 33-year Quest into BIRCHWOOD FARM revealing a secret-history; new evidence in scripophily form (secret-stock certificate's) complex and comprehensive material that may or may not at times, contradict conventional history. Seeking answers to our questions we embark on a treasure hunt scavenging clues for research. A treasury amassed after compiling tangible objects, of these two paper artifacts (stock certificate's) kept back in a surreptitious way, foreshadow the Reality... 

In this, depicts, a large Hotel collection of beautifully illustrated antiques of historical culture and importance.; The book is an offshoot of the BIRCHWOOD FARM GROVE 2017 book ~ The main focus of antiques; Hotel Spokane Silver Grill (1889-1962), Tacoma Hotel, Yakima Hotel, & the Broadwater, Portland Hotel. A ‘treasure trove” amassed after compiling tangible objects, souvenir pipe, porcelain, china sets, silverware sets, samovar, teapots, newspaper excerpts, old magazines, mining papers & stock certificates, photos, antique books, paper relics ephemera & post cards, antique stationary, Americana paper, photos and momentous/awards (Clarence Taylor & the two famous "Hotel Spokane Silver Grill Traveling Carts", and much more; Time - travel back for a rare look into the past.

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Birchwood Farm Grove Book